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How To Check MTNL Broadband Usage

It is now possible to check for monthly usage of the prepaid or post paid MTNL TriBand account through SMS for free.

This service is possible through the Dolphin or Trump mobile numbers only. This customer service, allows the customers to track their monthly download and usage. But for this, the Dolphin or Trump mobile number has to be first registered in their TriBand account at and sms to 58708.

To Check Triband Usage:

SMS“BBUSAGE” is to be sent to 58708 :

For example:

Send sms "BBUSAGE" 12345678" to 58708

If the username is having suffix as @a (like 23236666@a), send sms "BBUSAGE @a" to 58708.

For e.g. send SMS "BBUSAGE 23236666@a" to 58708.

To Register Your Dolphin/Trump Mobile Numbers:

  • Go to website
  • Username and password is used to log in.
  • "Update your mobile number" link is clicked.
  • Triband users having username with suffix as @a -
  • Go to website
  • Click "Triband users having username with suffix as @a (like 23236666@a)"
  • Update profile.
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