Information on MTNL Wireless Broadband

MTNL Wireless Broadband

MTNL or Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited is a telecom service provider which is state owned and operates in the metro cities of India such as Mumbai and New Delhi. Until the year 1992, the company was operating along, when other service providers were allowed into the market.

In the cities of Mumbai and Delhi, the MTNL has been providing connections and improving its efficiency gradually. It has come from such days where one was required to wait in queue for years to get a connection to the present where one needs only hours to get phone connections. Mobile connections of the pre-activated nature are found in various places across the metro in various booths. Cost effective broadband internet access plans of tri-band has been unveiled which targets small businesses and home users. Presently, MTNL has the largest share of ISP services in Mumbai and Delhi.

Thiru Dayanidhi Maran, the former communications minister had declared the 2007 as the year of broadband. MTNL plans to have 5 million broadband users by 2007 end.

The Triband, existing broadband connection, has been upgraded to a speed of 2 MB/s without any extra charges. The charges for the 2 MB/s service, is only Rs 49 per month. Any extra 1MB download after the limit is charged at Rs 1. MTNL also has unlimited plan for the broadband service, without any limits at Rs 395 per month.

The Features Of MTNL Broadband Are

  • High speed download of data
  • Since it is available through the direct telephone line, it is easy to install
  • The data transfer is only charged
  • The service is on the principle of high on value and low on cost.
  • Customer support is 24 x 7 and technical support can be availed through phone.
  • Customers can register over phone or internet

MTNL Wireless Broadband

3G data card of MTNL is available in the wireless broadband category. It helps in connecting to the 3G network with good service and high speed data connectivity and supports HSDPA handset.

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